Company Narcissus d.o.o. is accomplishing its mission for over 20 years, we are improving and developing the company in new directions with inovations and continuous improvement of production processes.

Our focus is elementary values, trust and responsibility towards patients, users, with the setting of quality standards, our purpose is to discover, develop and improve products that contribute to a better and easier life.


In order to contribute to a better life of individuals, we strive to justify our quality with the confidence that has been given to us, and that is why our customers and business partners can be fully convinced because


"We are building new business relationships and products that help patients"

QUALITY POLICY The basic commitment in the quality policy of "Narcissus", which is certified for the production and sale of medical devices - osteosynthetic material and implants for orthopedic surgery, is to meet the requirements of customers and business partners. The realization of such a commitment is based on professional, capable and creative staff and technical-technological resources organized through a modern business system that we are constantly improving and striving to be at the very top of our business. Thus, we achieve continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. ﷯ All employees of "Narcissus" use the documentation of the integrated quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 when conducting processes within their competence. At the same time, they have the responsibility and authority to use their initiatives to improve the way they work and increase the effectiveness of the quality management system. They are obliged to be the bearers of a new culture of work, which affirms themselves and contributes to the company and society in general. The basis for risk management, which covers the entire life cycle of the product, are the criteria for assessing the acceptability of risk, which are based on applicable national regulations and relevant international standards as well as the latest EU directives. For the basic level of our work, we mean timely, comprehensive and quality execution of contractual obligations and protection of the interests of our customers and business partners everywhere and permanently. We use the data obtained on the basis of post-marketing monitoring activities to audit the risk management system, which improves the safety and quality of products and improves the integrated quality management system.
History of "Narcissus" - Ada

The company "Narcissus" was founded in 1993. and was initially dealing with sales of medicines and orthopedic material. In 1997 the small factory was established in which initially were made simpler osteosynthesis materials, such as Kirschner wires, surgical wires, pins, etc.. Over time, with the development of the company's production, we have started producing angular, condylar plate and DHS plates. By extending the range of our products and increasing the production capacity, we have made a modern factory facilities, according to current industry standards and trends.


Narcissus company now has 25 employees, with a variety of educational backgrounds and educational levels, and its development is based on the existing product portfolio in the field of orthopedics and introduce new products such as knee braces, as well as products in the field of dentistry and orthodontics.


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